An Easier Way to Real Estate

What if I told you there’s a process to make your Real Estate experience as stress free as possible?  What if I also told you you won’t ever feel left in the dark, and will be treated like a friend through the biggest transaction of your life?

It’s the Whitty way to Real Estate!


A Real Estate Agent is
One Size Fits All

Whether you’re buying or selling, downsizing or just rightsizing, you deserve honesty, transparency and comfort knowing that your real estate agent has your best interests at heart.  You are unique.  Your situation is unique.  Do you want a one size fits all approach or do you want an experience tailored to your indivdual needs and an agent dedicated to YOU.

You Will Be Taken Care Of

Not Just a Transaction

The Whitty Way to Real Estate

Have you been feeling like everywhere you turn you’re receiving sub-par customer service?  Not this time!  Your real estate experience should be just that, an experience.  As we navigate the sale of your property or the purchase of your new home, (or maybe both!) I want you to feel like every thing is being taken care of, every step of the way. 

Remember when I said it would be like working with a friend?

“Kelly was very professional but yet I felt like I’d known her for years”

– Leith Leeks

It's Business, But It's Also Personal

Real estate is my skill, but relationships is my passion.  The most important thing to me is ensuring you feel like all of your questions have been answered and and concerns have been addressed.  

My Core Values

Honesty IS the best policy, and it’s my policy!

I embrace openness and honesty, fostering trust and connection

I consistently uphold honesty and moral principles in all my actions and decisions

No one is perfect, but I will do my best and ask for help when I need it.

Who doesn’t like to have a little fun? I take my work seriously but my favourite thing to do is laugh.  We’ll work together to achieve your goals and have fun doing it!

I Want to give you the world!

But for now,

I'll Help You With Real Estate


Set up a discovery call to discuss your budget, your needs, your wants, and let's find the perfect home for you!


Let me answer the burning question - "what is my house worth in today's market and what are my costs going to be to sell?"


Looking to invest in real estate? Or is it time for a new home away from home? Let me show you all the opportunities!

Master's Sales Award 4 Consecutive Years

certified real estate negotiations expert (RENE)

certified seller's representative specialist (SRS)

Over 20 years experience in customer service

A Little about Me...

I'm a People Pleaser!

you've made it this far! what's next?


Watch this video

Meet me in virtual person before you meet me in actual person.


Get in touch

Call me, text me, email me. I’ll communicate the way you’re comfortable!


Set up a Discovery Meeting

The final step before we get started.  We’ll explore the details and you can make the decision – can I handle an awesome real estate experience?!

We’ve all heard we need to  start looking after ourselves and stop trying to please everyone, but I can’t help it,  I want to make you happy because it makes me happy!  So how about you look after you and I’ll look after you!

I am so truly fortunate I found a career where I can use my natural people skills to help YOU with your Real Estate journey. 

Oh, who are those guys in this photo ?  They’re are my favourite people and my motivation to succeed in everything I do!

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