It is my goal after our first discovery call to have a clear understanding of your goals and to help guide you through this journey.  Your mission is my mission.  Do you need an awesome mortgage broker?   Do you need to sell before you buy?  What can you expect from the inspection?   What about after our transaction?  (Don’t worry, you’ll never be totally rid of me!) I can help navigate all the scenarios!  



The Whitty Way to Real Estate

What’s important to you may not be the same as what’s important to someone else, but the basics for finding out will be the same!  The Whitty Way to Real Estate is what my relationship with you and our experience together  will be based on.  

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What is my home worth?  Do I need to sell before I buy?  Which renovations deliver the biggest return?  What’s the bare minimum I should do before I list?  Click the SELLING button to get in touch.


Is it time to invest in recreational property?  Or set yourself up for passive income for retirement?  What’s the process for purchasing foreclosures?  Click the INVESTING button below.

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

‒Mark twain

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