Should You Hire a REALTOR® to Purchase Your Home?

It might be an easy decision for you to hire a REALTOR® to sell your home but what about hiring one to purchase a home?  Did you know that by entering into a buyer brokerage agreement with a Real Estate your interests are protected by the agent’s fiduciary duties?    But what does this mean?  Essentially it means that your agent has to act in your best interest!

What is a Buyer Brokerage or Buyer’s Representation Agreement?

When you enter into a buyer brokerage, or buyer’s representation agreement with an agent from a designated agency brokerage they are required to disclose all conflicts of interest to you.  If you decide to work with the seller’s agent to purchase a home, your interests may not be represented.  A buyer’s agent can educate you on the market value of the home and market trends in the neighbourhood and put you in touch with local experts that can help you make the most informed decision about your home purchase. 

What else can working with the right agent get you?

What Are the Other Benefits of Working With a REALTOR®

Valuable insight!  By working with a REALTOR® you get access to all of their experience, knowledge of the market, what to look for, how to write a good offer, and so much more!  Edmonton has so many great neighbourhoods but which ones have the highest average home prices?  The best schools?  Easy access to major freeways?  Densest populations? The best happy hour?  

Find an Agent that is Patient and Insightful

Find an agent that compliments your own personality and who genuinely cares about your needs and goals.  I don’t know everything but I do know I’m not afraid to bring to a buyer’s attention something that may not be ideal for their situation.  Our home before our current one had 2 side entrances and no access to the backyard from the kitchen.  This meant I wasn’t able to see into the backyard while my son was small and still needed supervision. I pointed this out to my buyer with a preschooler and while she loved everything else about the house, she didn’t think this was ideal either. I was sure we could find something in the same price range with better backyard access. We kept looking and they found the perfect home for them within a few weeks. 

You want someone  who will work tirelessly to find the perfect home for you.  Looking at homes is personal and wouldn’t you want to do that with someone that feels more like a friend?  Purchasing a home can be challenging, why not do it with someone that can help you navigate any obstacles in the housing market with grace and optimism?  

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